We look at the four key areas to assess the strength of your claim:


Many companies waste time on unnecessary parts of the claims process, or lack a solid methodology which is both transferable and able to capture all relevant costs. 

We’ll review your process to see if any efficiencies can be made.


Poor quality claims can increase the risk of an enquiry or penalty from HMRC. If the relevant expenditure cannot be validated, you risk losing money on your R&D claim.

We’ll check if your claim can hold up to HMRC scrutiny.



R&D legislation is dense and daunting. We’ll use our technical firepower to determine if all qualifying activities are accounted for. 

There is also the chance to enhance your claim by checking for wider opportunities across the business.


Although largely unregulated and as a form of self-assessment, R&D claim preparation is a technically-demanding process. 

If you’re using a consultancy, we can assess the minimum acceptable criteria to ensure you’re getting value for money.

Health check your r&d Claim

What will I get?

This health check has been developed by a team of innovation experts to clearly identify any weaknesses in your claim: where you’re strong, where you’re potentially taking on too much risk, where there are additional opportunities, and whether there is an opportunity to increase your claim value.

We ask 17 rapid-fire questions about your current or previous R&D claims. 

Your health check result will put you in one of these groups:

  • Attention required - if you’re in this category you currently aren’t maximising your claims to their full potential. If you’ve submitted a claim in the last two years, there is an opportunity to go back and revise old claims to give your business a welcome cash boost.
  • Room to improve - those in this category are doing well in some areas, but there are certain parts of the claim which could be improved.
  • Excellent - if you’re in this category you’re already producing high-quality and optimised claims.

Regardless of where you fall, we’ll provide you with recommendations and clear next steps to help you understand how you can get more from your R&D claims via a personalised PDF report.

Health check your r&d Claim

Is this for me?

This health check is designed for companies that are already claiming R&D tax credits, or have submitted a claim in the last two years, and want to understand whether they can increase or improve their claim.

What if I'm not already claiming R&D tax credits?

We recommend taking our eligibility assessment to see if your business is can claim for any of the four main government R&D incentive schemes. Find out if you eligible for R&D tax credits here.

Health check your r&d Claim

Who we are

Kene Partners are a team of specialist R&D tax advisers founded on outstanding client service. Since 2017, we've secured millions of pounds in R&D tax relief for hundreds of businesses across the UK, regardless of size or sector.

Our technical expertise is what allows us to deliver consistently outstanding results for our clients, accessing vital growth fuel through the government’s innovation incentives.

It’s our mission to enable forward-thinking businesses, like yours, to create new products, new ways of doing things, and solve challenges to overcome obstacles and ensure sustainable growth. 

We specialise in working with clients who are already benefitting from R&D tax credits to help take their claims to the next level.

“As a result of working with Kene Partners, the amount we received in tax relief has almost doubled...meaning we can re-invest twice the amount of money back into the business.”

Peter Aslet, Finance Director
Augustus Martin

We work with clients across every industry: