What is R&D?

R&D doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel: it's also solving problems that your business faces on a day-to-day basis in a new way, or having to overcome a challenge that doesn’t have a straightforward solution.

If you’re taking a risk by spending money on creating new products, processes, services, or knowledge (or developing and improving what already exists) then it’s likely that you’re carrying out R&D which the government credits can reward.

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Over £9.6bn in government support is paid to innovative businesses each year through the following schemes:

R&D Tax Credits

Corporate tax relief that reduces a company’s tax bill or provides a cash sum

Grant Funding

Receive a non-repayable lump cash sum for a specific project

Patent Box

Lower corporation tax on profits made on patented inventions

R&D Allowances

Pay zero tax against any incurring expenditure related to R&D activities

How it works

For many businesses, innovation tax incentives provide the most effective way to fund foward-thinking ideas, enabling your business to develop and maintain a competitive advantage. Failing to assess whether you can claim can mean missing out on vital financial support which can enable growth.

By answering 15 multiple-choice questions on your business, we will give you a score against each of the government’s four main relief incentives: research and development tax credits, grants, patent box, and research and development allowance.

These scores tell you whether or not you should be applying for each scheme. The higher the score, the bigger the opportunity is for you to claim.

Take the eligibility assessment

Who we are

Kene Partners
are a specialist team of tax R&D incentive advisers founded on outstanding client service.

Combining in-house talent, technology, and technical expertise, we help innovative companies of all sizes access millions of pounds of government money through tax incentives designed to encourage innovation.

It’s our mission to enable forward-thinking businesses, like yours, to create new products, new ways of doing things, and solve challenges to overcome obstacles and ensure sustainable growth.

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